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To make an innovative society, laws are critical to follow by every individual. Following the rules and regulation of the laws are quite easy as a comparison to writing the assignments. There are probably hundreds of laws and its rules, which are difficult to remember and recall. The main purpose of implementing the law assignments in the degree is to enhance the skills and knowledge of law students so that they can build a better world in the future.

Moreover, learning about the rules and implementation of the law will further reduce the bottleneck as well as difficulties, which are being faced by most of the people in today’s date. Shaping the society in a better form is what law dissertation assignments targets at. In addition to this, the law of contracts, investigation of the contract laws, analyzing the structure of the transactions and role’s of directors, and other business frameworks are important to consider for every law student.


Unemployment Trends in Singapore- Labour Market Analysis

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore sometimes referred to as the Lion City, the Garden City or the Little Red Dot, is a sovereign city-state in Southeast Asia. Singapore is a global commerce, finance and transport hub. It’s standings include the most “technology-ready” nation (WEF), top International-meetings city (UIA), city with “best investment potential” (BERI), second-most competitive country, third-largest foreign exchange market, third-largest financial centre, third-largest oil refining and trading centre and the second-busiest container port. The country has also been identified as a tax haven. Singapore ranks 5th on the UN Human Development Index and the 3rd highest GDP per capita. It is ranked highly in education, healthcare, life expectancy, quality of life, personal safety, and housing. Singapore has a highly developed market economy. Singapore is the second-largest foreign investor in India. It is the 14th largest exporter and the 15th largest importer

Unemployment trends in Singapore.

Singapore traditionally has one of the lowest unemployment rates among developed countries. The unemployment rate did not exceed 4% from 2005 to 2014, hitting highs of 3.1% in 2005 and 3% during the 2009 global financial crisis; it fell to 1.8% in the first quarter of 2015 in the world. Singapore’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stood at 2.2 percent in the June quarter of 2017, the same as in the prior two quarters, preliminary estimates showed. The jobless growth rate remained at its highest level since the December quarter 2010. In the three months to June, the jobless rate fell for residents (3.1 percent from 3.2 percent in the March quarter) and citizens (3.3 percent from 3.5 percent). Some 3,500 workers were laid off, lower than the first quarter (4,000) and a year ago (4,800). The decrease over the quarter was broad-based across industries. Total employment fell 7,800, lower than a decline in the preceding quarter (9,400), but a reversal from the growth a year ago (2,100). Unemployment Rate in Singapore averaged 2.45 percent from 1986 until 2017, reaching an all-time high of 6 percent in the first quarter of 1986 and a record low of 1.40 percent in the second quarter of 1990. Singapore’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate edged up to 2.3 percent in the first quarter of 2017 from 2.2 percent in the fourth quarter 2016. It was the highest jobless rate since the December quarter 2009. Employment continued to grow in sectors such as community, social and personal services, and financial and insurance services.

Types of Unemployment

Singapore has experienced three main types of unemployment namely frictional, cyclical and structural unemployment:-

         Frictional unemployment is transitional unemployment due to people moving between jobs: Many are unemployed for a short time while searching for jobs. Imperfect information in the labour market may make frictional unemployment worse if the jobless are unaware of the available employment opportunities. This type of unemployment is common in all countries inclusive of Singapore.

          Cyclical unemployment is involuntary unemployment due to a lack of aggregate demand for goods and services. This is also known as Keynesian “demand deficient” unemployment and is associated with the transition of the economy through the business cycle. When there is an economic recession we expect to see a rising level of unemployment because of plant closures and worker layoffs. This is due to a fall in demand leading to a contraction in output across many industries. Singapore is a small and open economy and highly dependent on trade – trade (X+M) is almost 4 times of GDP. Singapore is affected significantly by external demand especially in the US, rather than by domestic demand as the domestic market is small. Singapore being traded dependent saw rising cyclical unemployment during the global economic crisis of 2008 as well as during 2011 where its major trading partner the USA faced terrorist attacks. This reduced trade with Singapore due to the contraction of the US economy.

             Structural unemployment occurs due to the structural changes within an economy. This type of unemployment occurs when there is a mismatch of skills due to the changing structure of the economy. Automation can cause structural unemployment as people are made unemployed because of capital-labour substitution (which reduces the demand for labour). Singapore’s loss in competitiveness in the manufacturing industries due to competition from low-cost emerging countries that have entered world market for investments and trade has changed Singapore’s economic structure permanently and Structural unemployment in Singapore is common as the country moves from industry to industry due to its changing comparative advantage. As the country moves from the secondary to the tertiary sector, labour finds itself with a mismatch between their skills and the requirements of the new job. The most problematic of Singapore’s unemployment would be cyclical unemployment due to Singapore being trade-dependent’ solutions that the government dishes out are usually temporary as it is unable to address the root causes of the problem.

Singapore’s main policy measures towards unemployment are:-

1.) Manage foreign worker dependency by increasing the productivity of local Workforce

As a small city-state with no natural resources, Singapore has long been careful in managing its human capital, seeing such management as an important source of competitiveness and strength for the economy. Emphasis on education has helped contribute to Singapore’s stronger record in human capital development than other countries in the region. A major force shaping the human capital landscape in the aggressive pursuit of the global city vision has transformed not only the physical look of the city-state but also its business environment and production structure. Together with these changes, the composition of the labour force has also been significantly altered – both in terms of the local-foreign mix and the mix between workers in “old” and “new” industries. While the open-door labour policy brought in a large number of highly skilled, high wage foreign workers, it has also led to a huge influx of low-skilled, low-wage foreign workers. Whereas the former could potentially expand the economy’s range of skill sets and raise its productivity level Singapore has been the increased presence of foreign workers. Recognising the possible adverse impact that the liberal foreign worker and immigration policy might have on the human capital profile and the productivity growth in the economy, the Singapore government began to review and make adjustments to the policy from early 2011.3 In the meantime, it continues to find ways to upgrade the skills of the local workforce and raise its productivity.

2.) Sustain SME growth through fostering entrepreneurial environment

Singapore has traditionally relied on multinational corporations (MNCs) and the large government-linked companies (GLCs) as the main drivers for economic growth. Most economic policy measures in the past were geared towards facilitating the operations of the MNCs and the GLCs, especially those of the former. In contrast, much less attention was given to promoting the growth of SMEs. As a result, SMEs in Singapore have not been able to play as significant a role in innovation and productivity growth as their counterparts in other countries. He enhanced the contribution of the SMEs reflects changes both in policy orientation and in the economic environment, as well as the impact of specific government policies. As international competition for foreign direct investment heightened in recent years, there has been increased recognition among policy makers of the need to build up Singapore’s indigenous production capabilities.  The gradual rise of the SMEs unfolded against the background of policies the government had redesigned in its quest to transform Singapore into a global city. The focus of policy shifted from attracting and serving the needs of MNCs to attracting a critical mass of creative foreign workers who were able to help develop and grow new, innovation-driven industries. Singapore has made significant progress in promoting the growth of SMEs in recent years. Much of the impetus appears to have come from the government. Even the expansion of the domestic market was a result of the strategic shift in its growth approach. To its credit, the government has tried to keep the interventions at the macro level and to preserve as much of the market mechanism as possible. However, questions remain over the long-term sustainability of such a government-driven approach. It is not clear.

3.) Enhance the innovation capabilities of local enterprises

Over the years, Singapore has been trying to build a comprehensive R&D ecosystem comprising public sector research bodies (e.g. A*STAR), academic research institutes and corporate R&D laboratories. R&D is not, however, an end in itself. It is considered a driver of economic growth and it is important that enterprises create value from R&D investment and the intellectual properties generated. Traditionally large (domestic and foreign) corporations which enjoy strong government backing carry out the bulk of innovation and commercialisation activities in Singapore. R&D spending by the business enterprise in Singapore still lags behind levels in other R&D-intensive nations such as the OECD member countries, particularly Japan. However, over time, as innovation culture becomes more pervasive, SMEs and large enterprises in Singapore might be expected to play an increasingly larger role in R&D and innovation activities.

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Games are the medium of entertainment and relaxation for the people. It is passion for some whereas for the others it is the matter of pride. More than half of the population in the world is crazy for some kind of games, which can be hockey, cricket, badminton, football etc. Even in audio and visual media, maximum of the channel and network are more concerned about broadcasting more of the sports rather than any other means of diversion. Thus, some people love playing these games, others loves watching it whereas many are there who even finds it electrifying to discuss and write on sports. Cricket, hockey, badminton, racing and many more of the sports are all time displayed in different channels. Surprisingly people of all age group are always set to spare some time from busy schedule to read, play or watch sports of their choice.
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  1. Most importantly, watch the match properly and then start writing about it.
  2. When you write about each player, investigate properly on their life so that the written work carries more of the detailed information.
  3. Don’t be biased towards one team instead be realistic.
  4. Add your reviews and ideas about the match that you have written about.
  5. Above all, be true and don’t add anything phony just to grab the attention of the reader.
  6. Compose your words and sentences properly, so that people finds your writing apparent, comprehensible and attention-grabbing.
These are some of the important points that need to be considered while writing on sports so that people appreciate your work and keeps reading every piece of your article.
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Statistics are not things that remain constant for a period of time. The statistics that are derived upon today would be outdated the next day which means someone who is into taking up a course with statistics should be kept updated with the same all the time. There are many people who take up statistics as their main subject and study from various universities across the globe. They tend to end up spending a lot of time and energy when they have a statistics assignment which they would have to submit for their respective courses. As complex as it gets the students tend to find it difficult to cope with all these things without the help from professionals. This is one of the primary reasons why they choose to take up statistics homework help from companies on the internet which offers them at prices that are affordable to students.
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The days have come when students can avail support from the experts at any time of the day. There are numerous services operating online that provide science assignment help to the students and also help them with their homework related problems. The online tutorials not only provide help regarding homework and assignments of the students but also conduct periodic tests and reviews to judge the performance of the student and gauge his progress. Depending on the analysis they point out the areas where the student really needs to work hard. This has proved to be highly beneficial for the students. Students who used to score a low grade have been found to score a lot of marks after getting the assistance. The online tutoring companies have a dedicated team of experts who are ready to answer any type of queries made by the students. The experts are specialized in their own fields. This ensures the quality of mentoring provided by them.

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Mathematics is a subject that proves to be of crucial importance throughout our life. However, it is not at all uncommon to come across students who suffer from mortal fear of the subject. They suffer from a phobia of math, which is prevalent among a significant section of students across all countries and cultures. This is particular prevalent because of the quality of math education in school which many of the students find insufficient to help them develop a sound understanding of the core concepts, which usually leads to the growth of fondness for the subject. Many of the students also find it difficult to express their doubts in class, where they are under the pressure of their peers to show that their understanding is as close as anyone else in the class is. These students face a lot of the problem in the later years of their student life because their fundamental remains weak. Online tutorialshave become popular because they help students avoid all of these potentially embarrassing situations. They have also proven to be a tremendous sigh of relief for the harried parents who were losing their night’s sleep over the worry about their child’s future. Online math tutorials are one of the most popular among the online teaching services. They are a win-win situation for both the harried parents and their underachieving children.
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Description: Help with writing an essay for top grades in university

Help with writing an essay helps the students to achieve the high grades in the university exams. There are many factors which should keep in mind for the appropriate and meaningful essay writing. Following are some points which a good essay need
What a good essay need?
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Stop Fighting with yourself to submit physics assignment on Time

These days’ learners are getting more attention in physics topic so they are prepared to take strong information about these topic and many of them want to become scientist. And there are many education and institutions where learners can research well because instructors have excellent information about physics. But some time undergraduate cannot ask their question due to their uncertainty problem and result will be they can lead incorrect assumption. That is why online physics assignment help program is best for this situation.

Are you reluctant of physics assignment ? Quit being so from now forward. In the next few para we would be providing you easy guidelines how to finish your physics assignment with top quality and moreover within deadlines. Before moving further let me start with fundamentals of physics assignment. What is the objective of any physics assignment? Does it help learners in knowing the complicated principles and regulations of physics?

Certainly the response of above query is yes! Physics assignment is part of any conventional program followed by good academic institutions, institutions or school. The characteristics of physics are such that we cannot comprehend and expert the topic of physics by concept only. Its program quickly must  for appropriate knowing. This is the purpose why physics projects are given to students.
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Help of assignment professional becomes vital in topics like physics which needs knowing of complicated regulations of physics like law of motion; law of inertia, law of gravitation etc. Physics assignment can be separated into several sub subjects like thermodynamics, kinetics, optics, electrostatics, attractive, the rules of aerodynamics etc.
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Spss stand for the Statistical Package for Social Science. Spss is the very important tool for the students learning education researchers, students, government, marketing organizations, market researchers, survey companies, health researchers and others. Students often get confused how to use the Spss software and look for the online help. Spps assignment help provide the full guidance to the Spss software to the students.
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