5 Things Every Second-Year College Student Must Know

As soon as a student takes admission in a professional degree, he is gazed into numerous eyes hoping for his placement under a reputed organization. The relatives and neighbors may seem to ask the same question every time they meet you.

In order to get placed and zip up the mouth of such neighbors and relatives, college students must continue to upgrade their skill set. For this purpose, they need to upgrade their knowledge about their respective fields. For instance, an engineering student may need to know the skill set in demand in companies to get a suitable job. Business students may need continuous updates in their marketing and managerial skills in order to get a good job. The basic and prominent things that must be known to a second-year college student are discussed in this article.


 The first and foremost thing to know is the importance of English language. We are living in the age of globalization and most of the companies now have evolved as MNC’s. Thus to make their employees competent in the global market, each company demands a fluent command over the English language. The second year is the proper time to know this. The second year college student must not only know about the importance of command over English but must also work towards the same. The second year is the most appropriate time for this. Only knowing the importance of proficiency in the English language is not enough. They must also know how to develop their English language skills. For this purpose, most of the colleges have introduced a communication-based subject, common to all branches. Students should know the importance of seminars and presentations and English must be maintained as a medium of communication. Here are some tips to increase your presentation skills. Once students have gained excellence in the spoken English, they can easily face the group discussions and personal interviews in future.


The second year is also a vital time to know the importance of project work. They must now focus towards improving their practice hand. This may be achieved by indulging more into the lab work. Students may prepare mini projects in order to improve their skills and experience the real life challenges. It will help students to get to know the nature of the job they may be getting in future. Only working on the projects is not enough. The students must know how to enrich their projects and make them interesting and unique. The second year of college is the appropriate time to initiate working and implement the ideas practically.


A second-year college student must be clear about the importance of co-curricular activities in a student’s life. It promotes the overall development of the personality of a student. Not only the co-curricular activities are vital, they must also know the importance of additional courses. The add-on courses help students to bridge the skill gap imposed as a result of the obsolete academic curriculum. Since the graduate students must be efficient personnel for any organization, they must know the required add-on courses they need to go through in order to hit their target. The second year of college is the perfect time to opt for add-on courses during semester break. It not only imparts technical skills within the students but also imparts other interpersonal skills. Going through these courses the students would be self-confident about their technical skills.


Second Year College students are supposed to be mature enough to undertake the appropriate internships to sharpen the skills they have attained so far. They must know the means of finding a suitable internship that suits their interests and profile. They must now realize the importance of making profiles in professional apps like LinkedIn, Coursera etc. These apps help a student to get to know more about the corporate world and the courses, training and internships available. Once they have found the suitable internship, they must apply for the same and must know how to hit the target. Once they are selected for the internship, they must realize that they need to extract the best out of them during the internship. They must know that the remote internships are equally beneficial for them as they can opt for simultaneous training.


Last but not the least; a second-year student must also focus on the need and importance of industrial visits. Industrial visits are the best source to give students an exposure to a real time working environment. Students must try to learn and experience from each industrial visit. They help students in being aware of challenging and stimulating working environments.

Knowledge has no boundaries. Students may know any number of facts and things, depending on their interests, yet the article has summed up the vitals to be known to a second-year student in order to succeed in their career.