20 Hacks for Studying and Learning

Generally, studying is considered to be quite hard and there are plenty of simple procedures out there that usually simplify all of the processes. Studies are actually aren’t hard. Though, there are plenty of the simple procedures out there that help you in order to understand the entire process. Not each and every method eventually works for each and every person but then with the little bit of the trials or errors you can eventually find the correct methods you can work upon and at the same time stick to them because it basically depends upon that. So, here are some of the hacks of studying that will make each and every student life quite simpler in order to assist them to further increase in the productivity levels as well as grow their focus too and further help in order to concentrate and also eliminate the distractions that come forth.

You might be aware of the fact that not each and every method for studying eventually works the same. Although, there are different tips in order to use for a better study and at the same time score better grades too. You can make use of these hacks whole year and not only when exams are around the corner. Make sure you don’t overload yourself while trying them because some of them can be used hand in hand as well.

  1. Walk prior to the exam – it is considered to be the proven exercise in order to boost your memory and also the brain power. According to the research that was conducted by Dr Chuck provide that if you exercise for about 20 minutes before your finals it can improve and boost up your performances too.
  2. Instead of simply reading, speak out loud – Although, this might be considered to be a bit crazy you can still give it a look. You will be in shock to know that if you read out loud you’ll be able to remember what you’ve studied but made sure when you’re studying alone only then read out loud.
  3. You can reward yourself with a treat – Though there are many different ways in order to assimilate a reward system into your habits because only then you will be able to learn how to study for the exams effectively and efficiently. You can also motivate yourself to study with the snacks.
  4. Teach what you have learned – One of the best ways is to initially test if you have eventually understood something and further try to teach it to others as well. So, if you can’t teach anyone else then you need to understand what you’ve learned so you need to learn it thoroughly because if you teach others you should know what you’ve learned.
  5. You need to create mental associations – The basic ability in order to make connections is considered to be the quite easiest way in order to remember certain information but at the same time intelligence and creativity is required because creativity is considered to be the main thing that connects other things.
  6. Draw diagrams – If you draw diagrams it will eventually help you in order to visualize certain details that might be quite hard in order to discuss. This further creates the visual memory in the mind that can further be recalled in any exam. You might even be asked in order to draw and label certain diagrams such as the human heart that you can practice further.
  7. Fastest font to read is Times New Roman – You can simply make use of this font because there is always a reason why Time New Roman font is generally used as the default font in most of the applications.
  8. Make use of apps to block other distracting sites – There are many different apps that usually help you to further prevent different distractions in order to further block the websites for the certain amount of the time you need to further discover other different apps to in order to make the student life bit easier.
  9. You can watch a documentary on the topic – Documentaries are considered to be a quite entertaining way in order to compact the entire story in a short period of time. This will further help you in order to remember the key details from the story and you might eventually get credits or rewards for the same if you eventually mention that you took a small initiative about the topic. There are lots of websites, you can get some online expert help.
  10. You can search Google like a Pro – You can save your time while researching different sources online in order to master the biggest search engine in this entire world i.e. known as Google. You need to just follow certain tips that usually fall under this.
  11. You can create flashcards in order to practice quick morning buzz – All you can do is quickly test your knowledge of the basic key concepts and definitions or quotes and formulas with these flashcards. It will become quite easier for you to remember that is being revised.
  12. You need to take regular study breaks – It is considered to be quite important in order to keep your mind and body working you need to take some regular study breaks because only then your mind and body will be able to absorb the details and also keep you motivated and focused while you work. It is considered to be quite essential in order to take short breaks for about 40-45 minutes because your focus and your concentration will eventually become important after this short period.
  13. You can listen to the right music – If you listen to the right type of music there are chances that it will lead you to the more productive way and by studying appropriately you’ll be able to elevate your mood as well as your mind properly.
  14. You need to make your study space convenient – if you eventually make your study space convenient it will help you in order to improve the places where you usually study and at the same time it will also help you to boost your knowledge and boost up your confidence too.
  15. Practice makes the man perfect – If you eventually practice the sample papers in order to ace your test then it will further help your brain in order to retrieve information and further your brain will work properly too. You need to just create a realistic and exam-like condition and at the same time test your understanding too by using different tools.
  16. You need not to stay up all night prior to your exam – You need to ensure that you get the adequate rest the day before your exam. This is because sleep is considered to be quite important as it further assimilates your brain all the information that you have learned while studying or preparing in order to sleep better in the night and it will also help you in order to further remember your formulas that are required or might come in your exams.
  17. You need to discover new ways to learn – If you try different study methods it can genuinely help you in order to find what actually works for you and in that case you can make use of the technology as your advantage in order to watch educational talks and you can also download the useful apps for studying if required.
  18. You can make use of scents or gums in order to run your memory – This sometimes might seem to be a random or unfamiliar scent while you study but it is considered to be one of the finest methods in order to help running your memory when you eventually spray it again before your exam. If you also chew gum it might help you in the same way.
  19. You can also study in a group –If you eventually study in a group it might further help you in order to collect different and new insights to further enhance your learning experience. There are different tools and techniques as well in order to create the traditional study group formula too. All of these group tools eventually share different resources as well as different ideas too to further interact with different members of your team and group.
  20. It is important to meditate – It is considered to be one of the most important things because meditations are one of the most popular study methods that can assist the students to remain focused while studying. Meditation will not only help in order to concentrate but will reduce the pre-exam stress at the same time because it further improves both the physical and the mental health as well.

Therefore, it is considered to be quite important in order to stay positive in your exams because it is important to carry a positive attitude because it will further help you and will put a great impact on your exam results as well as motivate you to further complete your assignment too before going to the bed. So, the above-mentioned tips were considered to be some of the hacks that might help you in concentrating well and you will also remain a focus at the same time.

Get law dissertation assignment help services from highly qualified professionals

Previously, there was no burden on the students for writing bundles of assignments. But, now, the situation is quite different and challenging. The competition level has been increased to a great extent, which forces students to work hard every minute and second. All these things put additional stress on the individuals, which leads to a poor health condition. No matter how difficult and hectic life is, still students are bound to complete their daily assignments without committing any mistake.

Things are not so easy and simple as they appear to be. Moreover, students are not even allowed to take a good sleep at night as they are always threatened to perform well in the academic years. Amidst these scenarios, most of the law students are finding difficulties for themselves as their journeys are not at all simple and smooth. There are several challenges and obstacles for them to overcome, which often drives the students towards a deadly zone.

Celebrate Victoria Day

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Guide to making a career in nursing in Australia

In Australia, the profession of nursing has changed in terms of learning and rules from the very beginning of the decades from the year 1900. Nurses are quite momentous to the people and population alike. To make a full-fledged and utmost career in this field is known to be tough and competitive. However, it is much compassionate due to its quality of being with the differently abled and sick people and helps them to grow fit and disease free once again. There are various procedures of turning into a nurse in Australia, for instance, the TAFE or the traditional courses in the Universities. Throughout the country, there are numerous peoples who need nurses and hence the occupation rate never really goes down in the field of nursing.

Guide to making a career in nursing in Australia

The nurses in Australia have various spots where these nurses easily find a job such as hospitals and schools. An amazing advantage of nursing is their easily convertible timings. They can usually fix their own working hours in most cases. The monthly pay of a nurse in Australia hugely relies on the kind of nurse one becomes and the number of years they have had in the job. The experience is a very important field of nursing anywhere in the world. There usually more than one number of passages through which a person can go on to become a nurse in Australia. These passages or ways includes paediatrics, intensive and extensive care, oncology, and emergency nursing. You also can get online Nursing Assignment Help from a very reputed company at an affordable price.

Much before then the time when nurses were transferred to impart knowledge of nursing through the various universities and nursing homes, the earlier nurses were given extensive education and training for this profession in the form of a theoretical course of three long years. The practical objectives of the same are given in various hospitals and nursing schools. These wards started through a training of six weeks of preliminary training in school meant for specifically that kind of training called the PTS in which the primarily allowed age for entry was 17 years. First, second and third-year student nurses were generally differentiated with the colour and number of stripes on their fixed uniform caps or belts. There were tests based on hospitals and nursing homes and those were organized every year and if the students cleared their tests, they would move to the next consecutive year but if they failed, then the student could not become a nurse. Those students were not given another chance to appear for the exam because, in the field of nursing, no mistakes were ever allowed because, in real life situation, mistake of a nurse could cause the loss of a life. After that rigorous training period of three years, the students were supposed to sit for the nursing final exams which were theoretical as well as practical. If they passed this test, then they would be allowed to qualify as an official nurse. When these nurses were students, they were given a certain amount of payment by the hospital where they learnt and they’re not allowed any leaves even if they were sick. If any of the students skipped their working time due to personal issues or sickness, then this working time was added at end of the three years and if they refused to work later, they were given the title of official nurses even if they graduate. The hospitals gave interesting and rewarding titles and clothes to the students who were excellent when they graduated. Apart from that, the state officials who were in charge of registering new nurses were awarded special badges of registration. People frequently used to wear these with huge pomp and show on the uniform collars or belts.

The very first element in the direction of baccalaureate recognition became the ultimate growth and improvement of the Bachelor of Applied Science (Advanced Nursing), which was a post-graduate degree that needed the student to already be a registered well-known nurse to even be allowed for consideration towards admission and finishing of all the 16 levels. However, in the modern nursing industry, this degree is not eligible and neither is the course running due to a much-hyped survey that was conducted a few years ago. Even then, the College of Nursing has many currently running post-graduate certificate courses for nurses in various kinds of departments.

The changing of nursing knowledge towards the universities from the already existing hospital classrooms happened because of the major attempts by politicians along with some highly experienced nurses in Australian nursing sector. In the very beginning, people were directly against the idea due to the medical consequences that saw the improvement of extremely experienced professional nurses as a long-lasting problem to their single term on the next level efficiency in the medical industry. Quite a many nurses wanted to get themselves this conversion on the basis of a direct and much more privileged experience of working in a hospital where they would get to work on real-life situations rather than theoretical aspects. Another ground reason of this extremist suppression was the point of view of the society towards certain mindsets regarding the roles defined for each gender which initiated nursing to be a woman’s occupation and actual medical instincts to be a man’s occupation.

6 Steps for Effective Writing

Writing is one of the most effective ways to vent out your feelings. It is one of the most important tools used to write and communicate one’s feelings effectively. There are certain steps that one must follow in order to write effectively and to express one’s emotions.

Following are the ways to become an effective writer.

1. Know your objective

While writing an article, one must the objective of ones writing, like the topic and what kind of audience one wants to cater to and the source of research articles. One must look at the result what one wants to produce like trusting the readers, dazzle them, vote for them or to create an impression on the person concerned. The purpose of an article should reflect the kind of writing one engages in.

2. Organize your message logically

While writing an article or message one must consider organizing one thought logically to produce fruitful results. Before writing an article one must make sure that thoughts are organized in a proper format to bring about a clear understanding of the topic or logical results

3. Use Plain Language

For writing effectively, we must use plain and simple words rather than using complicated or flowery language. While writing a prose, essay or article one must make sure that the language is simple has a meaningful impact but should not be too complicated for readers to understand.It should be wide-ranging in its impact but should not be too complicated

4. Concentrate on your reader

Whatever you write about the first and foremost thing for you should be to concentrate on your reader. This is the most important thing to be kept in mind while writing an article is to please the readers and write according to the expectations of readers. One should structure the article so that readers are able to connect with the material and voice their opinions about it too.

5. Understand the advantage of writing

While writing an article or any content, we should first be able to understand the advantages of what one is writing and be able to express it clearly. While writing one should understand the motive behind it and use the correct words to express it rather than moulding the language to make it more complicated.

6. Include Call for Action

While writing an article to improve constantly at each step opinion getting an opinion about one’s writing is an extremely important task. Continuous evaluation of one’s work to improve upon ones work to fruitful results is extremely important for a brilliant writer. Writing is an extremely challenging task and requires continuous improvement. One can ask the readers to respond in any form through emails or any other form so that one can check if one has actually achieved what one really wants to. A poorly written piece of information is actually a waste of loads of opportunities that if effectively utilized could have produced good results.

Hence in order to be a good writer, these are the certain steps which must be followed to produce extremely good pieces of information. You also can get some writing help from online sources.

10 Reasons Why Indian Students Prefer to Study Abroad in the UK

Thinking of studying in the UK?

Once the decision has been made to pursue further studies outside the Indian borders, the obvious question that follows is, where?

Though over the past decades, various countries have attracted scores of Indian students, UK has retained its position of prestige as a preferred destination.  So, what makes the UK so popular amongst the Indian Students?  

Let’s take an example of a shopping mall which wants to attract a different class of customers. One class of customer might focus just on the “best brand” irrespective of the costs, the second might be interested in quality products but at a bargain price and another might be looking for something which provides long-term benefit and flexibility of payment.  If the store wants to maximize footfall, it has to ensure that all of these diverse expectations are catered to.

This is exactly what the education system in the UK has managed to do. Whilst, earlier only the niche and crème de la crème of the Indian society could afford to study in the UK, things have now changed. Today education in the UK has become accessible to a much larger section of the society due to many factors and yet the “prestige” and “class” associated with attaining a degree in the UK has remained unchanged.

The UK has always been seen as the land of some of the greatest work in English literature as well as in the field of science. As a matter of fact, notable people Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, Isaac Newton and Alexander Graham were all products of British education. We also have examples of some great Indian leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and renowned economist, Amartya Sen, who have all pursued studies in the UK.

The UK Institutions like the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge have stood the test of time and have continued to inspire and challenge students to become outstanding individuals and responsible citizens, with their excellent courses. The UK Institutions like the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge have stood the test of time and have continued to inspire and challenge students to become outstanding individuals and responsible citizens, with their excellent courses.

Factors which make the UK a much sought after destination for the Indian students:

1. The brand value and quality of education:

The UK has some of the oldest institutions in the world, such as Oxford University and the University of Cambridge. These colleges are not only very elite but have a long-standing tradition of providing quality education. The learning experience that you will receive when you study in the UK will provide you with the skills you need. The system is designed in a way which encourages students to read, think independently, question and analyze what you read and learn. No wonder then that English scientists and institutions have won almost 100 Nobel Prizes. No small feat.

2. No language barrier:

Considering most of the Indian students are well conversant with English, it’s easy to settle in the system and not face any communication hurdles. The country is also the perfect place for students to become experts in English language skills which is of great importance in the international job arena. For the students wanting to pursue careers related to the English language, there can be no place better than UK and degree obtained here will hold great value globally.

3. Flexibility in courses:

The education system in the UK provides the freedom to combine different subjects into a single course of study and one can choose from over 150, 000 courses. UK degrees can be tailored to your interests and often include specialized modules. It’s easy to research the right course for you by visiting the UCAS website. Everyone who goes to UCAS.com has access to the Course Search database containing details of courses from archaeology to zoology.

4. Work while you study:

As an Indian student studying in the UK, it is possible that you might want to supplement your financial requirements by working while you study. In addition to this, working alongside your studies is an excellent way to gain experience and skills for your career. The eligibility to work and number of hours one can work would depend on your Visa. Further, a work placement is a part of the study course for some colleges, and your university or college may assist in providing placement.

5. Shorter Duration of Courses:

The shorter duration of courses in the UK helps reduce tuition and accommodation costs. The Master’s course in the UK is of one-year duration and one can even opt for a Master’s course in combination with PhD, which will save an additional year. This is a huge advantage both in terms of finances as well as reduced number of years before getting a job.

6. Scholarships and Online Help:

Indian students who’re worried about expensive tuition fee need not lose sleep either, for there are many scholarships that one can apply to, especially at postgraduate and research level, to support your study and cost of living costs. The UK has an excellent scholarship system which offers numerous scholarships specifically for Indian students. This helps scores of students fulfil their dream of studying in the UK. There are many Online websites who provide Assignment Help in UK. So you no need to worry about that.

7. Mecca for science students:

The UK’s reputation and legacy as a world centre for scientific research make it a magnet for some of the very best thinkers in the world. The country undertakes 5 percent of world’s scientific research and produces 14 percent of the world’s most frequently cited papers. Also, the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) which checks the quality of research conducted by more than 154 leading universities and colleges in the UK, classified 30% of the research as ‘world-leading’ and 46% as ‘internationally excellent. ‘As a research student evaluating the benefits of studying in UK, it will be interesting for one to note that the country puts across 6.4% of global journal articles, 11.6% of citations and 15.9% of the world’s most highly-cited articles, even though it constitutes just 0.9% of world’s total population.

8. Far yet familiar:

There were 4,36,585 international students from 180+ countries studying in the UK in 2016, out of which Indian students were the 2nd largest group (18,320). To have fellow Indians is certainly an advantage when so far away from home. At the same time, there are ample opportunities to experience a multicultural environment and interact with students from other parts of the world. Generations of international students have come to England for their educations, which means that English universities have decades of experience in working with international students. There can be no better way of learning about so many diverse cultures and traditions. The interactions certainly broaden the horizon and render the firsthand experience to have a global outlook.

9. Free Medical Coverage:

Indian students in the UK are eligible to receive free medical treatment by the National Health Service (NHS) if enrolled in a full-time course. One’s spouse/partner and/or dependent children will also be exempt from payment if they also reside in the UK during the course of the study programme.

10. High Employability:

Graduating from one of the institutes in the UK ensures high employability for the students. The QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2016 ranked Oxford at 6th and Cambridge at 4th position. 

In addition to all the aspects related to the courses, the feasibility and costs, there is one dimension which each student should consider while choosing the country and this is “the overall experience”. This includes the history of the country, the places to visit, the culture mix, the diversity, famous landmarks and unique experiences in terms of cuisine, art, people, sports or entertainment.   While in the UK, one can experience such varied cultures and landscapes, travelling to Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The public transport system makes it very simple to travel all across the UK at a nominal cost.  Each region has something exclusive to offer and the sights and the memories created will make the stay so much more special, forever etched in the walls of the college years.

Also, the experience will be instrumental in shaping one, both personally and professionally, with a much wider perspective, which is so crucial in making big in any field.

As William Shakespeare said, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”  There is no better place than the UK to discover yourself.

Unemployment Trends in Singapore- Labour Market Analysis

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore sometimes referred to as the Lion City, the Garden City or the Little Red Dot, is a sovereign city-state in Southeast Asia. Singapore is a global commerce, finance and transport hub. It’s standings include the most “technology-ready” nation (WEF), top International-meetings city (UIA), city with “best investment potential” (BERI), second-most competitive country, third-largest foreign exchange market, third-largest financial centre, third-largest oil refining and trading centre and the second-busiest container port. The country has also been identified as a tax haven. Singapore ranks 5th on the UN Human Development Index and the 3rd highest GDP per capita. It is ranked highly in education, healthcare, life expectancy, quality of life, personal safety, and housing. Singapore has a highly developed market economy. Singapore is the second-largest foreign investor in India. It is the 14th largest exporter and the 15th largest importer

Unemployment trends in Singapore.

Singapore traditionally has one of the lowest unemployment rates among developed countries. The unemployment rate did not exceed 4% from 2005 to 2014, hitting highs of 3.1% in 2005 and 3% during the 2009 global financial crisis; it fell to 1.8% in the first quarter of 2015 in the world. Singapore’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stood at 2.2 percent in the June quarter of 2017, the same as in the prior two quarters, preliminary estimates showed. The jobless growth rate remained at its highest level since the December quarter 2010. In the three months to June, the jobless rate fell for residents (3.1 percent from 3.2 percent in the March quarter) and citizens (3.3 percent from 3.5 percent). Some 3,500 workers were laid off, lower than the first quarter (4,000) and a year ago (4,800). The decrease over the quarter was broad-based across industries. Total employment fell 7,800, lower than a decline in the preceding quarter (9,400), but a reversal from the growth a year ago (2,100). Unemployment Rate in Singapore averaged 2.45 percent from 1986 until 2017, reaching an all-time high of 6 percent in the first quarter of 1986 and a record low of 1.40 percent in the second quarter of 1990. Singapore’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate edged up to 2.3 percent in the first quarter of 2017 from 2.2 percent in the fourth quarter 2016. It was the highest jobless rate since the December quarter 2009. Employment continued to grow in sectors such as community, social and personal services, and financial and insurance services.

Types of Unemployment

Singapore has experienced three main types of unemployment namely frictional, cyclical and structural unemployment:-

         Frictional unemployment is transitional unemployment due to people moving between jobs: Many are unemployed for a short time while searching for jobs. Imperfect information in the labour market may make frictional unemployment worse if the jobless are unaware of the available employment opportunities. This type of unemployment is common in all countries inclusive of Singapore.

          Cyclical unemployment is involuntary unemployment due to a lack of aggregate demand for goods and services. This is also known as Keynesian “demand deficient” unemployment and is associated with the transition of the economy through the business cycle. When there is an economic recession we expect to see a rising level of unemployment because of plant closures and worker layoffs. This is due to a fall in demand leading to a contraction in output across many industries. Singapore is a small and open economy and highly dependent on trade – trade (X+M) is almost 4 times of GDP. Singapore is affected significantly by external demand especially in the US, rather than by domestic demand as the domestic market is small. Singapore being traded dependent saw rising cyclical unemployment during the global economic crisis of 2008 as well as during 2011 where its major trading partner the USA faced terrorist attacks. This reduced trade with Singapore due to the contraction of the US economy.

             Structural unemployment occurs due to the structural changes within an economy. This type of unemployment occurs when there is a mismatch of skills due to the changing structure of the economy. Automation can cause structural unemployment as people are made unemployed because of capital-labour substitution (which reduces the demand for labour). Singapore’s loss in competitiveness in the manufacturing industries due to competition from low-cost emerging countries that have entered world market for investments and trade has changed Singapore’s economic structure permanently and Structural unemployment in Singapore is common as the country moves from industry to industry due to its changing comparative advantage. As the country moves from the secondary to the tertiary sector, labour finds itself with a mismatch between their skills and the requirements of the new job. The most problematic of Singapore’s unemployment would be cyclical unemployment due to Singapore being trade-dependent’ solutions that the government dishes out are usually temporary as it is unable to address the root causes of the problem.

Singapore’s main policy measures towards unemployment are:-

1.) Manage foreign worker dependency by increasing the productivity of local Workforce

As a small city-state with no natural resources, Singapore has long been careful in managing its human capital, seeing such management as an important source of competitiveness and strength for the economy. Emphasis on education has helped contribute to Singapore’s stronger record in human capital development than other countries in the region. A major force shaping the human capital landscape in the aggressive pursuit of the global city vision has transformed not only the physical look of the city-state but also its business environment and production structure. Together with these changes, the composition of the labour force has also been significantly altered – both in terms of the local-foreign mix and the mix between workers in “old” and “new” industries. While the open-door labour policy brought in a large number of highly skilled, high wage foreign workers, it has also led to a huge influx of low-skilled, low-wage foreign workers. Whereas the former could potentially expand the economy’s range of skill sets and raise its productivity level Singapore has been the increased presence of foreign workers. Recognising the possible adverse impact that the liberal foreign worker and immigration policy might have on the human capital profile and the productivity growth in the economy, the Singapore government began to review and make adjustments to the policy from early 2011.3 In the meantime, it continues to find ways to upgrade the skills of the local workforce and raise its productivity.

2.) Sustain SME growth through fostering entrepreneurial environment

Singapore has traditionally relied on multinational corporations (MNCs) and the large government-linked companies (GLCs) as the main drivers for economic growth. Most economic policy measures in the past were geared towards facilitating the operations of the MNCs and the GLCs, especially those of the former. In contrast, much less attention was given to promoting the growth of SMEs. As a result, SMEs in Singapore have not been able to play as significant a role in innovation and productivity growth as their counterparts in other countries. He enhanced the contribution of the SMEs reflects changes both in policy orientation and in the economic environment, as well as the impact of specific government policies. As international competition for foreign direct investment heightened in recent years, there has been increased recognition among policy makers of the need to build up Singapore’s indigenous production capabilities.  The gradual rise of the SMEs unfolded against the background of policies the government had redesigned in its quest to transform Singapore into a global city. The focus of policy shifted from attracting and serving the needs of MNCs to attracting a critical mass of creative foreign workers who were able to help develop and grow new, innovation-driven industries. Singapore has made significant progress in promoting the growth of SMEs in recent years. Much of the impetus appears to have come from the government. Even the expansion of the domestic market was a result of the strategic shift in its growth approach. To its credit, the government has tried to keep the interventions at the macro level and to preserve as much of the market mechanism as possible. However, questions remain over the long-term sustainability of such a government-driven approach. It is not clear.

3.) Enhance the innovation capabilities of local enterprises

Over the years, Singapore has been trying to build a comprehensive R&D ecosystem comprising public sector research bodies (e.g. A*STAR), academic research institutes and corporate R&D laboratories. R&D is not, however, an end in itself. It is considered a driver of economic growth and it is important that enterprises create value from R&D investment and the intellectual properties generated. Traditionally large (domestic and foreign) corporations which enjoy strong government backing carry out the bulk of innovation and commercialisation activities in Singapore. R&D spending by the business enterprise in Singapore still lags behind levels in other R&D-intensive nations such as the OECD member countries, particularly Japan. However, over time, as innovation culture becomes more pervasive, SMEs and large enterprises in Singapore might be expected to play an increasingly larger role in R&D and innovation activities.

5 Things Every Second-Year College Student Must Know

As soon as a student takes admission in a professional degree, he is gazed into numerous eyes hoping for his placement under a reputed organization. The relatives and neighbors may seem to ask the same question every time they meet you.

In order to get placed and zip up the mouth of such neighbors and relatives, college students must continue to upgrade their skill set. For this purpose, they need to upgrade their knowledge about their respective fields. For instance, an engineering student may need to know the skill set in demand in companies to get a suitable job. Business students may need continuous updates in their marketing and managerial skills in order to get a good job. The basic and prominent things that must be known to a second-year college student are discussed in this article.


 The first and foremost thing to know is the importance of English language. We are living in the age of globalization and most of the companies now have evolved as MNC’s. Thus to make their employees competent in the global market, each company demands a fluent command over the English language. The second year is the proper time to know this. The second year college student must not only know about the importance of command over English but must also work towards the same. The second year is the most appropriate time for this. Only knowing the importance of proficiency in the English language is not enough. They must also know how to develop their English language skills. For this purpose, most of the colleges have introduced a communication-based subject, common to all branches. Students should know the importance of seminars and presentations and English must be maintained as a medium of communication. Here are some tips to increase your presentation skills. Once students have gained excellence in the spoken English, they can easily face the group discussions and personal interviews in future.


The second year is also a vital time to know the importance of project work. They must now focus towards improving their practice hand. This may be achieved by indulging more into the lab work. Students may prepare mini projects in order to improve their skills and experience the real life challenges. It will help students to get to know the nature of the job they may be getting in future. Only working on the projects is not enough. The students must know how to enrich their projects and make them interesting and unique. The second year of college is the appropriate time to initiate working and implement the ideas practically.


A second-year college student must be clear about the importance of co-curricular activities in a student’s life. It promotes the overall development of the personality of a student. Not only the co-curricular activities are vital, they must also know the importance of additional courses. The add-on courses help students to bridge the skill gap imposed as a result of the obsolete academic curriculum. Since the graduate students must be efficient personnel for any organization, they must know the required add-on courses they need to go through in order to hit their target. The second year of college is the perfect time to opt for add-on courses during semester break. It not only imparts technical skills within the students but also imparts other interpersonal skills. Going through these courses the students would be self-confident about their technical skills.


Second Year College students are supposed to be mature enough to undertake the appropriate internships to sharpen the skills they have attained so far. They must know the means of finding a suitable internship that suits their interests and profile. They must now realize the importance of making profiles in professional apps like LinkedIn, Coursera etc. These apps help a student to get to know more about the corporate world and the courses, training and internships available. Once they have found the suitable internship, they must apply for the same and must know how to hit the target. Once they are selected for the internship, they must realize that they need to extract the best out of them during the internship. They must know that the remote internships are equally beneficial for them as they can opt for simultaneous training.


Last but not the least; a second-year student must also focus on the need and importance of industrial visits. Industrial visits are the best source to give students an exposure to a real time working environment. Students must try to learn and experience from each industrial visit. They help students in being aware of challenging and stimulating working environments.

Knowledge has no boundaries. Students may know any number of facts and things, depending on their interests, yet the article has summed up the vitals to be known to a second-year student in order to succeed in their career.

How to Find College Scholarships

In this competitive scenario, colleges have become highly expensive. It is quite difficult and sweating for the normal or average family to send their kids for higher education. The demand for education is increasing but correspondingly the college fee is also hiked. Though loan helps students in many ways still it doesn’t cover the entire expenses of the college fee. Moreover, loans also bring lots of stress and worries in students. The higher rate of interest in a loan is the main factor of stress for students.

Sometimes a loan is not exactly what students look for. When your grade is high in a previous year or when you are talented, you can surely use it to secure a scholarship and pursue higher education in fewer expenses. Yes, college scholarships are the best way to complete college education in minimum expenses. With college scholarships, students obtain a number of opportunities to join the college without any stress. You can check college scholarships on website of specific college, directory, through phone calls or other related platforms. It is always a good idea to visit the college you wish to enroll and inquiry about the scholarship.  Beside college scholarship, you can also go for other scholarships that are provided by government or any public or private organization.These scholarships are very useful for students because it not only help them cover college expenses but also allows them to recognize their abilities and focus on it to choose a better career.

Scholarships are of many types. College scholarships are announced by the particular college for students who fits into the provided criteria whereas Outside scholarship covers only the part of the college expenses in the direct or indirect way. Outside scholarship doesn’t meet the entire expenses of the college but it surely covers a part of college expenses which becomes quite helpful.  Beside this students can also look for local scholarship and national scholarship for reducing the huge part of their college expenses. But finding college scholarship outside any college is surely a big job for students. You need to invest some time to obtain the information about scholarship that you can apply.

Here is a list of few websites that helps you find a correct college scholarship.


The huge database for a college scholarship is present in scholarships.com. This website displays a number of available scholarships and allows you to choose those that best fit to your financial aid. Students in high school, university or higher level can join this website and seek the advantage of a college scholarship.


This website is not an only connection for scholarships program but also for colleges, financial aid and more. You can start your search for scholarships based on your interest, skills and qualifications with the fast web.  Depending on your profile, this website will search most appropriate scholarships available. The process is very simple and students can apply for the scholarship that is convincing to them.


This website is suitable for need and merit-based scholarships. In the minimum time period, students can get a list of scholarships that helps them pay for their academic education. The website is completely free of cost.


This website host number of scholarships including college specific scholarship, merit-based scholarship, Athletic scholarship, company based scholarship, scholarship by state etc.


This academic help site basically is designed to help students with their academic doubts and queries, but professionals here can also provide you information on different types of scholarships of the town or college. You can simply ping the tutors or email them and get the entire information about college scholarships.


This website is mainly designed for a textbook from where students can buy a textbook or sell their old textbook. This site is also beneficial for those who look for college scholarship programs.

7.Scholarship Monkey

This website allows you to search scholarship on the basis of major, religion, women, minority, nursing and more. You can either create your own profile or look for scholarship that is identical to your created profile or else you can directly search using the specific keyword.


This is another college scholarship website that allows students to search for scholarship programs in the college using keyword search.

These are a list of few websites that allows students to search for a college scholarship. It is always better to firstly visit the college and know about the scholarships because college scholarships cover more than half or full expenses of students study whereas outer, local or national scholarship covers only part of the expenses. If college scholarship isn’t available, you can then option local or state scholarship to cover expenses to a certain amount.


Here are few ways by which you can search for college scholarships within and outside the college.




Tips For Your Assignments

Do you want some tips related to the assignment? If yes, then you are blessed with so many websites, so many experts to guide you. The Internet has become our best friend. Students used to spend so much time on it, that it feels that it’s the hub of all things… FRIENDS, GAMES, ACTION, ADVENTURE. But what about STUDIES? Don’t ignore it, it is indeed your career decide, your future planner. So, study hard and for that, you don’t require to leave your laptop and internet alone. You can learn a lot on the internet. There are various websites that provide valuable tips related to the assignment.

          Those days are gone when your teacher was only interested in giving assignments to keep you with books and study. Today’s level has gone up really above, you should take care about the presentation, the way you are answering questions. Especially in theoretical questions, you should first decide the beginning, quote data, give reasoning and then conclude from your answers. You should always give your viewpoint in articles.

                 For economics’ assignment, you should give good reasons to support the statements. If data can be represented by any graph like a bar graph, pie diagram, then it would enhance your assignments. Similarly, you should try to frame your own thinking. In English, you should present answers smartly. You should never copy the answers from guides. Teachers are well experienced and they what quality of answers these guides provides. Teachers expect students to write on their own and identify a good writer in them.

                     Mathematics’ assignment– lengthy ones. Students usually hate math’s assignments. But have you ever thought the reason why teachers give these assignments? Do they hate you and thus want you to spend all your holidays with books? No, it is not like this. Every teacher wants to make a brilliant student, bright future. They want you to practice as much as you can, ‘As practice makes man perfect’. So, just enjoy solving these assignments. You will really feel happy and satisfied after solving those assignments. They are preparatory tools- that help you realizing how much you know, what you have not understood.

           Students should pay attention to the assignments and try to solve these own their own and whenever you find any doubt, you can always ask your doubts from these experts. You can even ask how to present your assignment, projects once you have finalized the matter to write. Students can contact anytime, these experts are always available. All experts are well qualified and well experienced, so their guidance is undoubtedly precious and lightning like a bright star.

Use Social Media as Learning Platform

At present, almost everyone is very familiar with social media. Social media is used by every individual to remain connected with fields, families and relatives. It is the best platform where groups having similar likes, interest or views can be created. This helps in exchange of information between individuals from different countries. But besides connection and communications, social media can also be used as a learning platform. Yes, social media can be indeed a very useful platform for learning. Here are few social media listed that are used by the maximum population at present. The tips display how these social Medias be an interesting platform for learning.

1.Facebook: Almost 90% of people use Facebook. It can be easily installed in mobile, laptop or i-pads. You can create groups of friends and classmates and add respective teachers of your course. You can then share any information, pictures, images, notes, quizzes, or other academic materials through this platform. In case if you have gathered wrong information or if you have doubtful questions, it will be answered and corrected by your teachers and friends. Besides this interesting yet useful information can be shared. Many teachers have already created Facebook pages, so you can search for the pages of your teachers and join it. This will help you remain updated about submission deadline of assignment and projects. You can also post some useful link related to your curriculum. Discussions regarding recent topic covered in the class can be done through Facebook groups. Besides this, any resources that make online fun and interesting can be posted to the relevant Facebook page.

2. Twitter: Twitter don’t restrict an individual to a particular course or section, rather it is a more fun filled way of learning. You can use a hashtag for a particular topic. Though you can add people to your twitter account, but use a hashtag for a topic allows you to get an answer from any individual of that field. Yes, while Facebook connects you to some specific people and limits your discussion within a group; twitter connects you to every individual in globe having a twitter The hashtag is the method in twitter where your question and post will appear in the wall of the person related to that area. Beside this, you can also post pictures on the twitter.

3. LinkedIn: The most professional social media site among the rest. For years this social site has been used by a number of individuals to find employment. It was the place where recruiters would find a capable But now this social site is also one of the valuable e-learning platforms for students. This online platform helps the student explore different educational videos and news in a click. Beside this learners are allowed top post information and videos of educational importance. Beside this, you are also allowed to explore groups based on your field and post queries or get more elaborate information on different topics.

4. YouTube: It is the best place for sharing educational videos. If you have understood the topic well, you can create a video and post it on Then you can share the link with rest of the class. Likewise, if you have not understood the topic well, you can ask your friend or teacher to create a video of the topic and post it to YouTube. This platform is best for those who prefer a visual mode of learning for obtaining the elaborated information of any topic.

5. Pinterest: Very less are aware of the fact that Pinterest can be a very useful learning platform. When you have loads of bookmarked content, it becomes difficult to organize them and also there is a risk of losing the saved link if your laptop or PC crash down. So in such cases, Pinterest is really useful. When you find useful content, rather than bookmarking it, you can pin it and the page is saved in your pin board. You can anytime log in and discover the required content. Beside this, you can even share your board with friends and other classmates.

6. Google plus: If you are looking for distraction free social learning platform, google plus can be the best You can create groups or communities with google plus and discuss on the related topic. Sharing videos, link, images are possible with google plus. Most importantly there is no unnecessary distraction when using google plus.

These are most used social media that can be opted for e-learning. Since the world of e-learning is widening up, these methods of learning can surely be useful to every student.


Don’t know how to use social media as a learning platform? Here Get tips on How to use social media as a learning platform and widen your horizon for effective learning techniques.