How To calculate the Atomic Number

What are Atomic Numbers?

Before understanding atomic number, it is essential for us to know about atoms, how they look like and what they contain. Firstly, understanding basics is very important, so when we talk about atoms it must be well understood that they are very basic building block of for any object. These atoms are made mostly of three major parts that are protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons carry positive charge; neutrons carry no charge and electron that carry negative charge.

Atomic Number 1

Now, coming to atomic number, it is the total number of proton present in the nucleus of the atom or the total positive charge carried by the nucleus of an atom. Generally, atomic number for an element is always mentioned in the periodic table but while solving numerical this can never be the solutions. At that point if time students need to know the tricks and the method to obtain the best and correct answer. For that they need to be little careful and solve the given questions.
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