Environment and Its Increasing Problems

Environment is the natural place where living beings like plants, animals and human survive to fulfill all their basic needs.

We interact with all the biotic and abiotic components of the environment and explore natural resources to fulfill our needs and demands. The interaction of animal, plants and human, makes up the environment and it is very much essential to maintain the balance between the environment and use of its resources to live a better life. We generally come across the word sustainable, but are we aware of its exact meaning? What is sustainable use of resources?


Human beings use different environmental resources to fulfill their needs and demands. They explore each and every part to obtain best possible results. But in a long run, somewhere environment is being deteriorated. Not just a single form of environment is being spared rather day by day, every second the exploitation of environment have raised several issues and sadly, not even a single person seriously care to improve their habit and compromise for the limited use of available resources. Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution are all a serious problems and these have directly affected the environment resulting in acid rain, global warming, skin, respiratory, heart diseases. Yes, we completely rely on different companies; government or private for formulation of plans and strategies, but have we ever thought that a step from an individual for the cleanliness of the environment can make lots of difference to change the views of people around? Yes, it does. So, environmental science is introduced in the syllabi of the students right form their secondary levels so that they learns about the importance of the environment and the ways that they can keep their surrounding clean by following some rules of reduce, recycle and reuse. Beside this, this subject also sets up the career opportunity for the students as an environmentalist, advisor, lecturer and many more of the reputed post in government and non- government sectors.

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